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Best Apps and Technologies to Help with Moving to a New Home

Moving can be exciting, but also provides many challenges. Staying organized while you move can feel impossible. However, technology is making it easier than ever to stay on track. Many websites and apps are great resources to help during your move to find your dream house, know which boxes go where, and more. Here are five apps that can help you get started today.

1. Zillow

Zillow is a great app for finding your perfect house or apartment. They have customizable searches that allow you to pick the location, features you’re looking for, and even find places based on nearby ratings. You can connect with real estate agents, property managers, lenders, and more.


  • Customizable search
  • View foreclosure listings
  • Save your favorite searches
  • Get notifications when houses in your search become available
  • Calculate mortgage and refinancing
  • View floorplans and home designs

2. Magic Plan

Knowing where everything will fit and how you want your new home to look is a big difficulty in moving. Magic Plan allows you to take pictures of your home and create a floor plan so you can add furniture and decorations on the app without having to move a muscle. The app measures everything for you through your pictures.


  • Create floor plan
  • Measures rooms through photos
  • Get floor plan in different formats
  • Add furniture and other objects

3. Moving Planner

Moving makes it difficult to stay organized and on track. Even if you make lists or plan, there are important things you can forget about. Moving planner, recommended by these movers in Las Vegas, starts several weeks before your move and has preset and customizable checklists that lead all the way up to the day of the move. The checklists have important reminders like “pack medical and dental records” or “make sure you have children school records.”


  • Customizable checklists
  • Ability to share checklists
  • Preset checklists so you don’t forget anything
  • Instructions on planning your move

4. Sortly

Sortly is a great app to keep track of everything you pack. When you get to your new home, it’s important to know which box has the toilet paper and which one has the dishes. Create an inventory for each box and then print off a QR code to attach the box. Scanning the code lets you know exactly what’s in the box.


  • Customizable visual lists
  • Printable QR codes
  • Categorize box locations
  • Share lists with movers

5. My Move

This app helps you find reliable local movers. Finding movers can be a gamble, but this app takes the gamble away by providing tips, reviews, cost estimators, and more. It even provides you with an interactive moving checklist.


  • Find movers based on your location
  • Keep notes during the move
  • Free moving expense estimator
  • Moving reviews, ratings, and license information
  • Interactive checklist

Moving doesn’t have to become overwhelming. These technologies can keep you focused and lower the stress of moving so you can be more excited than worried. With these five apps, you’ll hardly have to lift a finger during your move. Make moving to your new home so much easier with these apps.

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